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At Norwich Mumbler we really value the opinions and recommendations of local families.

Parents on our Facebook Chat Group are always asking each other for recommendations, so we have worked with some of the members to make a list of things that make businesses around Norwich & Norfolk family-friendly.  When you see the sticker in the window of a business, you know it’s been recommended as FAMILY-FRIENDLY by local parents and you can check their listing on the website to find out why!

To recommend a business, please check they meet some of the criteria below and use the contact form HERE to let us know why they’ve been recommended.

The business must be recommended by Norwich Mumbler and another Mumbler, or at least two Norwich Mumblers, either in our chat group or through the contact form.

Family Friendly Days Out Criteria

To be recommended as a Family Friendly Day out (Attractions, Theme parks, Museums, Soft play etc) must meet some of the criteria below:

  • Regular schedule of family events
  • Baby/child changing facilities
  • Breastfeeding/baby feeding friendly (maybe a separate room with a comfy chair!)
  • Refreshments on sale, have cafe or restaurant.  (If there is cafe or restaurant, they should meet some of the Family Friendly eating out criteria too.)
  • Places to sit
  • Buggy friendly walk ways/paths
  • Lifts for access to other levels

To be awarded the Family Friendly sticker, the business must be recommended by Norwich Mumbler or at least two Norwich Mumblers either in our chat group or through the Contact form.


Family Friendly Eating Out Criteria


These are the things Norwich Mumblers think can make a place to eat ‘Family Friendly’.  Places don’t have to meet all the criteria but meeting at least 3 of them would be a good guideline for being recommended.

  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • Accommodations made for bottle/baby food warming
  • Clean high chairs/boosters
  • Cold or only slightly warmed children’s plates
  • Children’s cutlery/cups
  • Nappy Changing area – regularly maintained
  • Being able to request when the children’s meals arrive
  • A children’s menu, with variety and healthy options
  • Activities for children (e.g.colouring/books/toys etc)
  • Helpful and attentive staff (helping you with pushchair/bags, bringing highchairs over)
  • A toddler toilet seat and step stool or small toilet
  • Free emergency nibbles for hungry children
  • Child-sized portions of adult menu/special requests.
  • Finger foods for baby led weaning (BLW)
  • Safe Play area indoor/outdoor
  • Going the extra mile happy to chat and engage with the children
  • Happy for children and pregnant women to use the toilet facilities even if they aren’t customers

Family Friendly Shops Criteria

The criteria for what shops and other service providers can do to be considered Family Friendly:

  • A toy/book basket (especially if you provide a service that involves waiting!)
  • Space to navigate a standard pushchair
  • Access to a toilet or changing area for young children and pregnant women

Businesses must be recommended by Norwich Mumbler, or at least two other Norwich Mumblers on the chat group or by using the Contact form.