Introducing…the Mumbler PARENT CHAMPIONS!


I often get messages from parents letting me know about days out they recommend, local news tidbits they think other parents might want to know, or asking me if they can do anything to help with the website, so we’ve decided to make it a bit more of an official thing.

Introducing the Mumbler Parent Champions…local Mumbler parents on the lookout for everything parents might want to know.  They are volunteers who will:

  1. Keep an eye out for kid-friendly/family-friendly/awesome events activities to send to send to us to be added to the website (there’s only so much time my brain will let me scroll FB!);
  2. Send us any local news or information they spot that they think might be relevant to parents, so we can share;
  3. Let us know about any days out/visit local parks/awesome family-friendly eateries/activities/anything they think other parents should know about;
  4. Help spread the Mumbler word;
  5. Be Mumbler Guest Reviewers – Sometimes I get #gifted tickets to things I can’t go to, so it’s useful to have a bank of people that might be able to go and do a review on behalf of Mumbler.

Mumbler really is nothing without the support and knowledge of other parents and having Mumbler Parent Champions means we can keep the website as up-to-date as possible.  The website is FREE for parents to use…and always will be 🙂

Each Mumbler Parent Champion will receive their very own, so super cool everyone will want one, MUMBLER PEN!!  Woooo!

If you’d like to get involved and be a Mumbler Parent Champion, get in touch HERE.



Amy C – Parent Champion

Hi, I’m Amy, mum to 2 active, strong willed girls, Norah & Edie. We love visiting museums, art galleries, parks, libraries and also going for walks-basically anything to get us out of the house!

Mini Mumbler ages: Primary and baby

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:

  • Child-friendly coffee shops/restaurants
  • Walks/outdoor adventures
  • School holiday activities
  • Baby groups. 

Hanna P – Parent Champion

Hi, I’m Hanna from East Norwich, I’m a North Norfolk native! I’m a mum to two boys who love adventure and being outside.  We get out around the county as often as possible.
Mini Mumbler ages: Primary
Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:
  • Indoor/outdoor toddler sensory play
  • Family low cost/free outdoor walks and activities

Jess W – Parent Champion

Hi, I’m Jess, mum of two children, Lucas and Lila, and we have a dog too.  We love walks, parks and dog-friendly places.  We are up for most adventures and finding fun places to visit, but most of all we love supporting local businesses!

Mini Mumblers ages:  Junior

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:

  • Dog friendly walks
  • Activities for older children

Lynsey D – Parent Champion

I’m Lynsey, mum to two spirited wildlings, Teddy & Mabel.  We live just outside Dereham and love spending time exploring the great outdoors.

Mini Mumblers ages: Primary

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:

  • The Outdoors
  • ‘Parenting hacks’ (my go-to if they are restless or squabbling is to either get them outside, or put them in a warm bath)  Water and fresh are are my magical ‘resets’.

Sarah T – Parent Champion

Hi, I’m Sarah. Mum to two smalls, age 3 and 5. We live in Mundesley. Like many parents the day feels easier when we’re out and about exploring all that Norfolk has to offer.

Mini Mumbler ages: Nursery & Primary

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:

– There’s not much we don’t know about the dinosaur park, I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve met Dippy!

– My friends call me the queen of bargains

– Organised fun is my favourite type of fun 😁


Sarah W – Parent Champion

Hello, I’m Sarah.  I’m a Mummy to one boy, Luca and a guardian to one girl, Isla. We live in the South of Norfolk and enjoy music, beach walks, woody walks, all things Halloween and we are the self titled champions of thrifty shopping!

Mini Mumblers ages: 4 and 9

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise:

  • Thrifting. 
  • Chazza shopping.
  • Social Media, advertising and PR. 
  • Recruitment – CV and return to work shizz. 
  • Finding the calm amongst the chaos! 


Thomas P – Parent Champion

Hi, I’m Thomas, dad to two girls. We live west of Norwich and enjoy swimming, bouncing and reading. Due to being a new parent over lockdown, we’re only now starting to venture out and explore Norfolk as a family.

Mini Mumbler ages: New Born & Toddler

Mumbler areas of knowledge/expertise: 

  • My knowledge of Hey Duggee and Bluey is amazing.