Parties Norwich

Parent Advice

Mumbler Anna

Time: Morning or early afternoon
Length: 1.5-2hrs max. kids get shattered!
Style: Activity followed by simple food – we did trampoline party at high altitude / for my 8yr Challenge Wood at Nest was perfect.
Invites: Close friends – 10-12max
Party gift: not necessary but little bag of sweets / crayons for the very young – book for 4-6yr – I did a decorate your own doughnut for my 8yr old & all kids loved it!

Mumbler Lisa

I just invited 5 close friends round with simple food and we got garden toys out. If it rained I could easily have 5 inside.  I did a book/ bubbles / sweets in a cotton bag, so could be reused.

Mumbler Rachel

For party bags, I searched for little stationary sets £1 each and put them and a balloon in a party bag. All little ones love a party bag and hopefully these were more useful than just random bits of plastic.

Mumbler Sarah

If anyone asks if they can help by bringing something yes, yes please, lots of us like to feel we can help a bit so fairy cakes, sausage rolls, biscuits, you do NOT have to cater everything – and at all the parties I’ve been too parents also help by eating any leftovers!

And if you’re having a party at home have a space that’s quiet if you can where kids can take a break.

Mumbler Sarah

At the end of the party, I always put a piece of cake in a napkin (per child plus siblings at home) along with something like a pack of flower seeds, a book, a bubble wand or last year a squashy ball from one of the games we played.