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Bace Foods Mumbler Offer

Are you bored of your usual go-to meal time options? Do you cook the same things every week and struggle to find the time to chop and prep everything for a regular recipe? Do you have fussy kids who don’t like veg? Want to mix it up a bit with some healthy and easy recipes which cook in minutes? Check out our bace pots.

So what are they? British-grown peas and beans in veg-packed sauces. The sauces are really smooth so little people won’t know about all the hidden veg in there! The pots are really versatile so you can make loads of different dishes with each of the flavours. Think chilli con carne, pasta dishes, soups, wraps, frittatas, risottos & more. You can make your favourite dishes quickly with the added benefits of protein, fibre and loads of veg without too much prep! They add depth of flavour too without any nasties – no added sugar, preservatives and they’re low in salt.

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