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Personal Trainers

Jo’s Gym Personal Training

Flint House, 51 St. Martins Lane, Norwich, NR3 3AG

My focus is around building a strong core and all the benefits it brings, my ethos is more to focus on health, not weight, to be strong and fit and make better food choices for a healthier way of life and long lasting success.

Although I cater for all ages and all abilities, I have a real passion for helping post natal mums to get their body back into great shape, or help people achieve something they didn’t think was possible!

Contact Jo on 07376 805 410 for more information.

Norwich Fitness Club

Norwich Fitness Club, Drayton High Road, Drayton

My name is Brad and my passion is to teach people (mainly ladies) to lift weight in the correct manner and form.
Lifting weights has a bad reputation with ladies, but I am out there to change that.  It will transform your mind and body in so many ways.  Not just in the gym, but in every day life.

07867 780364


Push and Tone

Push yourself and tone your body!

I’m an advanced personal trainer in Sprowston, Norwich
Post natal fitness trained
Ex army physical training instructor
Ex GBR athlete
I take take classes at my house in Sprowston 3x aweek as well as PT sessions where mums can bring pushchairs with babies or toddlers in to all.

Monday and Tuesday is bounce and tone
Wednesday is HIIT and time all 930-1010 £5 a class

Contact Victoria 07711 227421


Sharon Plummer PT

Stronger is about helping a person focus on tangible goals that are not always centred around a person’s weight but their mental wellbeing and physical health.

Stronger is not a gym but a fitness community, it’s not just training but teamwork. We do life together and we do it well, recognising together we are stronger both mentally & physically.

Sharon  07921859200