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Registered Childminders

Please be aware; this is purely a listing service. None of the child carers or their qualifications have been checked out or verified by Norwich Mumbler. Norwich Mumbler does not endorse or recommend any of these child carers and parents are required to make their own enquiries and check references. Please see our full terms and conditionsContact us here if you are a nursery, preschool, childminder, nanny or babysitter and would like to be included in this listing.

Childcare Options: 

Private Day Nurseries. These are OFSTED registered privately run nurseries which usually offer a variety of different sessions. Usually they are open from 8am to 6pm although some may do extended hours, and are open throughout the year other than public holidays.

Pre-Schools usually offer sessional care for children from the age of 2 to 5. They often work only in term-time, and in most cases offer funded provision for 3 and 4 year olds. They will be OFSTED registered and you can usual pay for top up sessions if you need more than the funded sessions. These are often but not always attached to a pre-school although attendance does not guarantee a place at the primary school.

Registered Childminders These are OFSTED regulated childcare professionals who look after children in their own home. They are usually flexible and may be able to offer school drop offs and pick ups. Hours will vary however most will do at least 8.30am-5.30pm.

Nannies & Baby Sitters. These carers are not necessarily OFSTED registered and would look after your children in your own home. Prices and experience varies greatly so do your research and get recommendations from people that you know well.

Featured Listing

Joanne Utting

Spixworth, NR10 3PA

I am an Ofsted registered childminder working from Spixworth. I will make your children feel welcome and safe in my setting and enjoy and learn about our world through a learning education though play and to include all children. Cost out of school hours £3.50/hour.

Monday: 07:30 – 17:30 Sessions
Tuesday: 07:30 – 17:30 Sessions
Wednesday: 07:30 – 17:30 Sessions
Thursday: 07:30 – 17:30 Sessions
Friday: 07:30 – 17:30 Sessions

Contact 07578012323 for more information.

Angela Smith


I am rated Good with outstanding qualities by Ofsted and I’m conveniently located for Sprowston Nursery Playgroup and Sprowston Infant school. I only have space for one pre-school child, so please get in touch soon if you would like to learn more about this opportunity to give your child fun days they’ll look forward to each week!

Hours: 8am-5pm

Fees: £4.25 per hour

Please get in touch to arrange a visit to meet me and the other children in my care, or give me a call with any questions.

Angela Smith


Nicola Lyons

Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 0LN 
I am a registered childminder living in Thorpe St Andrew with my husband, our two boys and our moggy Jaffa. I offer a warm, homely and stimulating environment for children. We have a large garden and a contained play room. I am available for drop offs and collections from St Williams Primary School. £4 an hour.
Contact 07975 920750 for more information.

NR1 Childminders

Cane Lisa – NR1 4EX
01603 470994

Dunn, Samantha- NR1 2RU
01603 661544

Jones, Susan – NR1 3HL

Money, Maria – NR1 4PP

Nichols, Lisa – NR1 2RU

Reynolds, Kelly- NR1 4PA
01603 300128

Riseborough, Kevin – NR1 2RU
07747 466063

NR2 Childminders

Broadest Norma – NR2 4HB
01603 610620

Crocker, Ekaterina- NR2 2AA
07515 027156

Farrell, Roisin – NR2 4HD

George-Samuels, Adrian – NR2 3BW
01603 395176

Haddadi, Sofiane- NR2 3UE
01603 444 233

Laudan, Rebecca- NR2 2EA

McLoughlin, Natasha – NR2 2BB

Neri, Anne-Marie- NR2 3UE
01603 444233

Paliotta Lucia- NR2 3JL
01603 491728

Palmer, Katie – NR2
01603 948774

NR3 Childminders

Allison, Justyna- NR3 3NF
07871 264848

Baldwin Patricia Ann- NR3 4PH
01603 622108

Baldwin, Dian Marie- NR3 4PW

Bishopp, Rachel Sarah- NR3 4QQ
01603 528 415

Butcher, Alison Ruth- NR3 2HA

Chenery Victoria- NR3 3BW
01603 465513

Czosnowska, Katarzyna Anna- NR3 3NE

Eagle, Rosemarie- NR3 2FE
01603 411998

Glinwell, Cheryl Debra- NR3 3BW
01603 479364

Harper, Jennifer Clair- NR3 3PY
01603 466421

Jcb’s Childcare- NR3 3PY

Jessa-Marcal, Malgorzata Izabela- NR3 2AF
07522 759722

Jones, Judith Ann- NR3 4RE
01603 499829

Mann, Deanne Marie- NR3 3QB

Norwell Debra- NR3 3DY

Pardue, Riecher Sally- NR3 4RE
01603 449179

Pedersen, Clare Louise- NR3 3LW

Rees, Julie- NR3 4BJ

Roberts, Kelly Frances- NR3 4DW

Walker Denyse Ann- NR3 2LE
01603 423149

Wiseman Melanie Deborah- NR3 3TA
01603 464710

NR4 Childminders

Betts, Elizabeth Joy- NR4 6BS
01603 859869

Durban, Joanna Ruth- NR4 6AG
01603 453693

Green, Gemma Jane- NR4 6TD

O’Mara, Louise- NR4 6UE

Stevens, Rachel- NR4 6HA
01603 458761

NR5 Childminders

Allum, Rebecca Jane- NR5 9PT
07808 126641

Brown, Sarah Jean- NR5 9HW
01603 734948

Chick Janice Elizabeth- NR5 0HF
01603 746158

Cornaby, Nicola Jane- NR5 9LH

Curtis, Michaela Jayne- NR5 0EJ
01603 440295

Masimbe, Sonya- NR5 8EH
01603 446018

Paul, Kerry Margaret- NR5 0UF

Rafols Fox, Hannaly- NR5 0UR
07766 852959

Softley, Amy- NR5 9LX

Toll, Joanne Mary- NR5 8YZ
01603 477126

NR6 Childminders

Abrey, Clair Fiona- NR6 7RE
07787 118881

Aldous, Victoria- NR6 5NG
07786 826595

Barr, Carolyn Jane- NR6 5RQ
01603 400387

Coote, Hayley Anne- NR6 6HD
01603 425469

Croydon, Sarah Jane- NR6 7LR
01603 409832

Dade, Samantha Jane Margaret- 07717 172855

Devey, Melody Sabrina- NR6 6LZ
01603 460277

Finney, Lisa- NR6 6DF

Fish, Karen Ann- NR6 5QA

Ford Sonia Marie- NR6 7EN
01603 400298

King, Chika- NR6 7AF
01603 416080

Lambert, Mikila Sherly- NR6 5NG
01603 787 228

McCarthy Elizabeth Pearl- NR6 6DT
01603 472717

Monaghan, Diane Michelle- NR6 6DG

Morter Amanda Louise- NR6 7PF
01603 412294

Mynett, Jennifer Rachel- NR6 6DG
01603 479643

Perni, Alison Mhairi Anderson- NR6 5PG
01603 400832

Robbins, Nicola Collette- NR6 7AP
01603 417339

Robbins, Preston Mark- NR6 7AP
01603 417339

Roberts-Jones, Alison Eliza- NR6 5SF
01603 465 718

Russen, Caroline- NR6 6DW

Seaman Julie- NR6 7PN
01603 429980

Westlake, Lorraine Lilian- NR6 5SH

NR7 Childminders

Akrill, Helen Claire- NR7 8RX
01603 482 360

Alderdice, Kathryn Marie- NR7 8XB
01603 258 087

Appleton, Laura Daisy- NR7 9LL
07900 551 337

Barnett, Sarah- NR7 9DZ

Batty, Alison- NR7 0TJ

Baxter Jeannette- NR7 9LL
01603 439828

Causer, Jodie Lee- NR7 8XP

Chaplin, Rosanne Sarah- NR7 0JH

Cooper, Sarah Jane- NR7 0UJ
01603 439070

Gudgeon, Lisa Victoria- NR7 0XD
01603 437 907

Hewitt, Elizabeth Anne- NR7 8TU

Hubbard, Natasha Louise- NR7 0RR

King, Laura- NR7 8AA
01603 405843

Leamon, Victoria Louise- NR7 8HY
07795 075874

Linay, Lynne- NR7 0AL
01603 433 369

London, Naomi Sarah- NR7 9UL

Lyons, Nicola Jane- NR7 0LN
07975 920750

Nicolay, Susan- NR7 0AT

Pizey, Rachael Jacynthe- NR7 8BA

Rowell, Carol June- NR7 8QS

Ryan, Karen- NR7 8XH
01603 449409

Sadler, Natalie Georgina Amanda- NR7 8XH

Smith Sheila Elizabeth- NR7 8XH
01603 449941

Smith, Angela- NR7 8AH
07955 699560

Smyth, Chantal Heidi- NR7 0DR
01603 473685

Squires, Michelle- NR7 0LP
01603 705037

Stafford, Jemma Elizabeth- NR7 0XY

Tams, Susan- NR7 0PN
01603 461259

Taylor Joanne- NR7 0UR
01603 437443

Taylor-Rushbrooke Annelise- NR7 0TE

Warman, Karen- NR7 0AU
01603 700334

Williams, Jennie Louise- NR7 0UZ
01603 434677

NR8 Childminders

Baker, Mandy- NR8 5FP
01603 734427

Blyth, Natasha Hayley- NR8 6LW

Buckley, Natalie Ann- NR8 5FL

Crowhurst, Susan Elizabeth- NR8 6BD
01603 413129

Fahy, Kelly-Jane- NR8 5FP
01603 731020

Goffin, Stacey Catherine- NR8 6JP
01603 866852

Guild, Ellen Nina- NR8 6GA

Hamling, Rebecca- NR8 6FZ

Hopkin, Sarah- NR8 6QW
01603 262744

Jenkins, Katie-Louise- NR8 6SU

Nunn, Debbie- NR8 6NL

Pierre, Tabita- NR8 6GJ
01603 948176

Richardson Angela Elisabeth- NR8 6GY
01603 260372

Williams, Mandy- NR8 6UN
01603 262341

Woods, Patricia Ann- NR8 6XZ
01603 261716

Yousefian Pauline Patricia- NR8 6TT
01603 869766

NR9 Childminders

Anthony Andrea Julie- NR9 3JS
01603 810044

Cox Jill- NR9 3EP
01603 811798

Cox, Karen Anne- NR9 3AG

May, Rachel Elizabeth- NR9 5AB
01603 880013

Peel Karen Louise- NR9 4JL

Platt, Kineta Louise- NR9 3HR

Sowter, Rachel Louise- NR9 5EJ
07736 678775

Stevenson Emma Clare- NR9 4BF
01603 758216

Wood, Emma- NR9 3EP
01603 814279

Registered Childminders

If you are a registered childminder in Norwich and want an individual listing, please contact Norwich Mumbler HERE.